There are two primary adult choral groups: The Adult Choir and the Chamber Choir.

The Adult Choir, a large chorus of 150-200 members, sings an eclectic and inspiring variety of traditional sacred choral music during the Thursday evening choral concert. No audition is required.

The Chamber Choir, an advanced chorus of 50 members, performs a repertory of more challenging sacred choral music during the Wednesday evening Organ and Chamber Choir concert. While there are no auditions, singers in the Chamber Choir are expected to be above-average sight readers, vocally competent for challenging repertoire, and able to prepare a good deal of music in a short period of time.
NEW IN 2018: ALL Chamber Choir assignments are pending in 2018. Singers will be assigned to this choir after May 1 based on registration date, registration numbers, vocal balance, and limiting singers from one group/church to 4 (if necessary). The final size of the choir will be 50 singers. If a singer is not confirmed in the Chamber Choir after May 1, they will automatically be assigned to the Adult Choir.

What do I need to bring?

  • Please bring a black concert folder with you. (A very limited number of folders will be available for purchase at the event.)
  • Adult Choir Concert Attire (Thursday evening)
  • Although casual, some prefer a little dressier outfit for the concert. Remember that it can be very hot under the stage lights.
  • Chamber Choir Concert Attire (Wednesday evening)
    • Women – Long black dress or pants. Top should have a sleeve. (No thin straps.)
    • Men – Black pants with long-sleeved white shirt, plus dark tie or bowtie.


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